Giant Finishing finishes what you started by taking your parts from one step to the next with our mass finishing equipment. We can design and build a
complete turn key operation from loading parts into vibratory deburring or finishing machines, bowl, oval or tub style then carrying those parts into a
drag out conveyor. We design equipment to meet custom requirements so that our machinery will work in combination with your preexisting flow.
From one process to the next, finishing, deburring,
washing or drying, then onto the unloading of your product to be prepped for quality control or
straight to packing.
Deburring, degreasing, rinsing, inhibiting and drying.
Parts are loaded in one vibratory machine then processed part on part or with automatically drained and heated.

corn cob is added from the over head hopper for drying and after the drying and polishing cycle is completed the parts are discharged to the
screen by air operated door.
Vibratory GB In-Line material handling system
Parts are loaded into a parts hopper, which temporarily stores the parts until they are unloaded into
the vibratory finishing machine, bowl, oval, tub, etc.  Next the part runs through the tumbler along
with deburring
media and are automatically unloaded, separated and rinsed in one
Vibratory Bowls with material handling system
Can meet any application needs with any of our machines feed in to a screen
separator and conveyor brings the
media back to the over head hopper. Whether
you are working with one, two or eight vibratory finishing machines, our designs can
make most any process in any layout.
Complete material handling systems from a continuous machine.
The complete finishing system takes parts from our  FT systems through rinse,
dry and auto unload. We can design mass finishing equipment to tailor your
needs.  In your particular industry we can move the finished parts after one
FT-44 feeding 24" belt washer/dryer
Eight Giant Finishing vibratory tumbling machines that are essentially turned into
one complete system. Parts can be loaded, unloader and your parts are ready for
the next step in your production line.
GO-25ES (Giant Oval Finishing Machine
and feeding belt into parts dryer
3 In-line ball burnishing Mass Finishing Systems feeding extended screen decks with fresh water spray rinse feeding belt dryers.
After a specific time cycle to vibratory deburr your parts they are moved through an air-knife straight onto our Giant Parts Dryer.
The end result is a great finished part ready for assembly in your facility or ship out to your customers clean and ready for production.
Engineered Finishing Systems
Our products help your company be more cost efficient, we can develop a system that keeps your parts in house..

Our team can integrate all of your finishing processes to eliminate finger pointing from one vendor to the next.

Our equipment can handle the processes from heavy deburring and washing to precision finishing and drying, we are your one stop American
manufacturer for vibratory finishing machines and Mass Finishing Systems.
Deburring, burnishing, rinse and corn cob dry.
GB 10ST feeding a screen deck feeding a cob dryer
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